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  4. Someone’s trying to be a Christmas present:)

    Someone’s trying to be a Christmas present:)

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  5. Huckleberry Finn. I need Homework Help. PLEASE!?

    1) How do both Grangerfords and Shepherdsons exhibit religious hypocrisy? Explain Twain’s use of the families’ feuding as satire of Civil War mentality.

    2) The families follow their own code of behavior, unable to remember the original court case and the reason for the feud. Discuss feuds and frontier justice as they impact Huck’s growing sense of right and wrong.

    3) Discuss Jim’s interactions with the Grangerford slaves, including his assessment of their abilities. What do these slaves know about the underground railroad and ways for runaways to elude capture?

    4) What is a “confidence” man, a.k.a con man? What scams have you heard about in your own neighbor or state? Did these frauds prey on the confidence of the¬†people¬†they conned? How do the King and the Duke play on the confidences of people to get their money? What do they have to know about the towns, local people, and human nature in order to perfect their scams?

    5) Though both men are criminal in their behavior, each is different in his understanding of and abuse of people. Make two columns and list the differences in the King and the Duke. How is one morally superior to the other? Which do you like least and why?

    6) Since Huck quickly understands the King and Duke are con men, why doesn’t he confront them or tell Jim?

    7) How and by whom is Jim betrayed? Have other slaves been similarly treated by this character? How does Huck respond to Jim’s Capture?

    8)Twain is a master of satire and of irony. List ironic episodes in this section and explain how Twain uses them to affect readers.

    9)Define the words “adventure” and “heroism” as Huck would and as Tom would. Then compare each boy’s idea of how Jim should be rescued, according to these definitions. Who is the hero of this novel, Huck or Jim? List ways in which each has proven his heroism.

    10) Why does Tom Sawyer so readily agree to rescue Jim, when Huck has understood that Tom hates abolitionists? Is Tom changed by his efforts to save Jim?

    11) How are heart and conscience in conflict in Huck’s seeing Jim as his friend and family, and as a slave? What details of their trip down the Mississippi does Huck recall that soften him towards Jim? How has Jim helped Huck be a better person?

    12) Compare Pap and Jim as a father figure to Huck. How has their treatment affected Huck’s view of family? (Is Jim’s mistreatment of this deaf daughter comparable to Pap’s abuse of Huck?)

    13)Several characters have kept secrets from others in the novel. Jim doesn’t tell Huck he is free of Pap. Tom doesn’t tell Jim he was freed on Miss Watson’s death. Huck doesn’t tell Jim that the King and Duke are scoundrels and con men. How would these truths have changed the outcome of the novel and the characters themselves had they been revealed? Is keeping a secret he same as a lie in these cases?

    I THANK YOU SOOOOOOO much if you would help me with these assignments. I just need help since I’m getting bombarded with homework. You’re much appreciated.

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  6. Just posted a GIF (Taken with GifBoom)

    Just posted a GIF (Taken with GifBoom)

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  7. Pupil dialations  (Taken with GifBoom)

    Pupil dialations (Taken with GifBoom)

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